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No sync with Apple Health app

Despite the feature being requested by the community (forums..) for years fitbit wont address the request and remain silent... I am tired of having to use third party app to sync my HealthKit data


Très intuitif

Charge 2

Super application

Bad actualization - really bad

It deleted my entire chart with all historical info and also deleted all configuration. Really bad actualization.... Please fix it, I had all my info recorded and now it shows that my chart starts today and shows that I joined fitbit today, but has been a while that Im using that. It isnt a correct actualization.

I love it

Fitbit is of great help. Very unique and easy to manage.


Doesnt set the alarm on my Fitbit Flex and on The Charge HR.


Since the last update my Fitbit doesnt sync anymore. Simple as that.

We want more watchfaces! FitBit Surge

We want more watchfaces! For FitBit Surge

Great app but this version has errors

The app is great, but in this version the app doesnt open. It Should sync charge HR paces and distances when you start an exercise with it.

Issue with iOS app

Im getting wrong measures with iOS app, on web app all information are ok, but on iOS app the information are not ok!! It happens on the last update..

Bom mas.....

Bom mas falta sincronizar com o Apple Health App...

Fitbit Alta

Small, light, easy to use. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

Increasing time scale for resting heart rate

I really like the app and suits me very nicely. However, I am still annoyed by the fact of not having longer time scales for the resting heart beat graphs, as all the others. Is there a plan on applying this in a next version? Thanks.

The feedback

Very nice app

Keep me conscious...

Fitbit tells me all about my activities and give me support and information to work out and to keep myself moving. It is even fun to be active!

Notifications and language

Other notifications, like whatsapp for example should appear on the clock screen. It should also have a Portuguese translation.


I loved the aplicativos more, I confess that I Wish I had the portuguese as a language because the existing menu is like more different

Please, translate to Brazilian Portuguese!

Please, translate to Brazilian Portuguese! Please bring the clock format 24hs... =[


You guys could translate to PT-BR and add the Brazilian food database with barcode option to insertion

Does not allow me to export my data

Does not allow me to export my data

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